Expert iPhone Charging Port Repair by Go Gadgets

iphone-charging-port-repairAre you having charging port problems? Is your iPhone not charging? Then you may require iPhone charging port repair. Go Gadgets is the premier provider of iPhone charging port repairs in Las Vegas. We can either repair your iPhone’s charging port or replace it depending on the situation. Either way, Go Gadgets can get fixed for you the fastest and the cheapest in town!

If you’re having charging problems and would like us to take a look at your iPhone to see what we can do, please bring your device down to Go Gadgets, located at:

5030 Paradise Rd. Suite B-202
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119.

And please check out our new location at:

Go Gadgets – North – 702.505.6036
633 N Decatur Blvd Suite G
Las Vegas, NV 89108

You can also call us at 702-202-9506 or email us at if you have any questions and someone will gladly assist you.

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